What's my story?

Photo by Alfred Twj on Unsplash
Photo by Alfred Twj on Unsplash

The main goal of this post is to give you a short intro about myself. It should serve as an informal catch-up with those of you who don’t know me that well yet 🙂.

Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of the content I am going to put out and the ideas I am going to express.

The present in a nutshell

I am a 27 year old Canadian based in Toronto, Ontario.

I current work as a web application developer at TWG, a software development agency based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’m currently working with React, Redux, TypeScript and Jest, though agency work is ever-changing.

Previously, I worked at Uberflip, a SaaS company building a content experience platform for B2B and B2C businesses.

My main responsibility at Uberflip were developing our platform, using my skills as a fullstack developer to make the platform a joy to use. Currently I’m building in React, GraphQL, SQL, TypeScript and PHP, but have proficiency in HTML, CSS and preprocessed CSS languages, Web Accessibility and jQuery.

I’m currently working remotely and even though I’m an out-going person, I’ve found that I like the freedom and flexibility offered by remote work.

What about my free time?

I have an energetic, playful and sometime vocal puppy named Innis, so if I’m not at my desk, I’m taking him for a walk or playing fetch with him. Or teaching him to do some kind of silly trick. He mostly watches me work. His favourite spot to sleep in during the day is on the chair beside me with his chin on the desk.

When I’m not spoiling my dog, I’m reading or writing. I love fiction and fantasy and have a soft spot for Neil Gaiman novels. It’s important for me to have a creative outlet and writing fills that niche for me. I’m an avid reader and have recently switched to taking out books at the library in an attempt to save my back from having to move my personal library yet again.

I love to travel and do so whenever possible. I was lucky enough to travel extensively growing up so I have a huge fondness and respect for other cultures. At the top of my list for my next trip is Japan, but if I had to revisit somewhere I would go back to Florence in a heartbeat.

Outside of work I’m also an acitve athlete and volunteer with Toronto Roller Derby and can happily talk about roller derby for hours if given the opporutnity. I’m currently the Vice President of Operations and work closely with both our venue and practice space to ensure we have a roof over our heads during the season, and also coordinate the training program used by all new skaters within the league.

Before becoming a developer I was a pastry chef so cooking, baking and eating are some of my favourite pasttimes. I’m the proud mother of a sourdough that’s been alive for over a decade and have used it to make everything from bread to pancakes to pretzels to cakes. I make a mean plate of blondies and often offer this up as a benefit to adding me to a software team 🤤.

Final thoughts

Want to know more about me? Don’t be shy and reach out to me on any of the socials listed on the homepage. I am always up for interesting discussions!

Thanks for reading! 🙏

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